In order to achieve a new victory to strengthen our rights, Amnesty International needs your support to sponsor the ‘Optional Protocol for the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights’, an international mechanism through which our economic, social and cultural rights will come effective by generating tools to demand the accomplishment of these states’ obligations through the UN. 

An NGO Coalition, including Amnesty International, is preparing an appeal letter that will be sent to states that support the draft agreed to establish the Optional Protocol of the International Covenant on Economical, Social and Cultural Rights. 

We will ask them: 

  • To co-sponsor the resolution.
  • To adopt the OP draft without changes.
  • If a vote is requested (In case the consensus is broken), to vote in favor of the adoption of the draft as it is.
  • To give strong support to the OP in public statements as set in the draft.




Personal Organization

I authorize Amnistía Internacional Sección Mexicana A.C. to use the information given below to be added to an appeal letter to support the Optional Protocol.

I authorize Amnistía Internacional Sección Mexicana A.C. to use the information and images for future actions for the defense of the human rights, as well as to keep me informed about coming activities.
This information will not be distributed to third parties.


More information   What are the ESCR?, What is the ICESCR?

If you would like to have background information on the Optional Protocol draft and negotiation process, please refer to the Open-Ended Working Group on an Optional Protocol to the ICESCR website:


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